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At 荔枝视频下载 the provision of a strong pastoral care system is seen as an integral part of helping each boy to reach his full potential intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The program is designed to assist the individual boy enrich his personal life, to prepare him for educational choice, and to offer guidance and counselling to help him come to terms with his own responsibilities in meeting the basic intellectual and social demands of adult life. The School also recognises that each boy is different and is entitled to individual care and attention and that continuity of that care throughout the boy’s time at the School will help achieve the best possible outcomes for him.

The Pastoral Care system at 荔枝视频下载 is based on a House system, with each House under the guidance of a Housemaster who bears the primary responsibility for the care of a boy during his time at 荔枝视频下载. The Housemaster is assisted by four Tutors who have the day to day oversight of the boys’ activities and development. Within each Tutor Group there is a small number of boys from each year level, which provides significant opportunities for leadership and pastoral roles for senior boys who act as mentors to junior boys in the House.

Boys in the House meet three times each week, both in Tutor Groups and as a House. During this time the Housemaster may meet with the boys individually or in small groups. The House also gathers as a group once each week for Chapel.

House Tutors regularly monitor each boy’s academic progress and his participation in co-curricular activities; guide and advise him in matters of discipline; help him define his goals and career hopes; and act as mentors for the boy in his school life. Further support is readily available from the Housemaster.

The School employs a full-time Counsellor who is experienced in providing advice and support on pastoral or academic issues affecting a boy at School. He is able to provide further advice regarding specialist help in cases where it is needed.

School and home play complementary roles in the education of 荔枝视频下载 boys, and parents are encouraged to communicate in the first instance with the boy’s Tutor, but also with the Housemaster as the need arises.