December, 2023

Peter and Fiona Reid live on campus at 荔枝视频下载 with their three children, Jack, Ava and Sam.

As the Boarding Housemaster and a geography teacher within the senior School, Peter is firmly entrenched in 荔枝视频下载 life and was honoured to share reflections with local paper, The Mosman Daily.

Commenting on the benefits of living on the amazing 荔枝视频下载 campus in the middle of North Sydney, Mr Reid says it’s a real privilege. “There is so much history on the site and it’s so humbling to reflect on how many staff and students have come before me to help create the culture that we now enjoy.”

A typical day involves managing the day-to-day wellbeing and progress of the Boarders in the House. This includes helping the boys maintain routines, providing academic support, and ensuring they have the structure and help they need to thrive.

Peter also teaches, so divides his time between the classroom and the Boarding House on weekdays.

On weekends it’s a blend of family time, attending School Sport or assisting the Boarders, many of whom are from country NSW or beyond, who spend the weekend on site.

Activities for weekend Boarders look a little different each week but can include anything from a round of golf, go-karting or a stroll down to Kirribilli for gelato.

Living on campus is enriching, not just for students but for staff like Peter and his family, who love campus life and all that North Sydney and 荔枝视频下载 have to offer.  


Peter and Fiona Reid

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