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Flowing from 荔枝视频下载’s Christian foundations, the School Aims, and with an emphasis on the development of the whole person, a broad and engaging range of co-curricular activities is offered so that each boy has the opportunity to develop his gifts, strengths and talents, to the mutual benefit of himself, his family, the School and in service of the wider community.

We learn in all facets of the 荔枝视频下载 programme, and the quality of and lessons from these activities are integral to our human flourishing. Not only do we place importance on boys achieving their personal best in co-curricular activities, we seek to be a learning community for all students and staff through a cultivation of the habits of successful team or group membership. Working in tandem with our academic pursuits, boys are encouraged to be self-directed, inquisitive and reflective learners that model humility, perseverance and courage whether it be in the rehearsal room, at the lectern, on the stage, in the field as member of the 荔枝视频下载 Cadet Unit or on outdoor activities.

Here at 荔枝视频下载 we encourage boys to welcome new experiences and learnings at all stages of their education. As such, the co-curricular programme is designed to give boys an opportunity to participate in activities that they may not readily recognise as a strength or gift, but pursue out of passion, interest or a desire to meet a challenge. Difference and diversity are promoted and the programme aims to be inclusive of all.

To that end, boys are required and encouraged to be involved in an exciting array of cultural, physical and service related activities outside of the classroom setting.

Dr Luke Gilmour
Deputy Head Co-Curricular