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The 荔枝视频下载 Chapel

Built in 1914 in recognition of the School’s 25th anniversary, the 荔枝视频下载 Chapel was opened on 4 May, 1915, only a few days after the Gallipoli landings. Casualty lists brought the sad news that 荔枝视频下载 boys were among the fallen. For another three and a half years the war continued and the School Chapel became a memorial to the Old Boys who lost their lives. Since its construction the Chapel has made a vital contribution to the character and the spiritual life of the School.

The Chaplains are responsible for this important aspect of the School’s life. In addition they are also involved in teaching, coaching of games and assisting boys both pastorally and spiritually.
The Chapel is attended each week by all boys who worship with members of the teaching staff. Each Sunday morning a service for the boarders is conducted by the School Chaplain and other members of the School community are welcome to attend. Throughout the School year special services are held in the Chapel for boys to worship with the wider 荔枝视频下载 community. 

The School Psalm - Psalm 15

  1. Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle: or who shall rest upon thy holy hill?
  2. Even he that leadeth an uncorrupt life: and doeth the thing which is right, and speaketh the truth from his heart.
  3. He that hath used no deceit in his tongue, nor done evil to his neighbour: and hath not slandered his neighbour.
  4. He that setteth not by himself, but is lowly in his own eyes: and maketh much of them that fear the Lord.
  5. He that sweareth unto his neighbour, and disappointeth him not: though it were to his own hindrance.
  6. He that hath not given his money upon usury: nor taken reward against the innocent.
  7. Who so doeth these things: shall never fall.



 Chaplain Contact
School Chaplain
Rev Anthony Benn
p: 9956 1444

Chaplain to the 荔枝视频下载 Community
Rev Nick Foord

Community Chaplaincy 

p: 9900 4753
Home: 9958 6303 (in case of crisis)
Chaplaincy Office p: 9900 4734 (9:00am - 3:00pm Term time)

Past School Chaplains

Chaplain Years of Service
Rev D Davies
Rev C P Brown
Rev G M Searcy
Rev P J Sharp
Rev R E Freeth
Rev H P Fewtrell
Rev N a’B T Backhouse
Rev C T Debenham
Rev T H Kitley
Rev A F Dryden
Rev H T G Forster
Rev J F W Mason
Rev R F Bosanquet
Rev P B Ball
Rev L M Abbott
Rev D C S Smith
Rev V H J Caley
Rev R E Evans
Rev N Macintosh
Rev B C Maxwell
Rev D G Duchesne
Rev I R Powell
Rev M W Pickering
Rev P C Dudley

1889-1924, - 34
1953-58, 1966-85
1964, 1968-75

2007 - 2021